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Postcards can be more than just a note of ‘wish you were here’. It can be more functional and can carry on a great mission…

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Postcards can be more than just a note of ‘wish you were here’. It can be more functional and can carry on a great mission…

Postcards can mean big things. But how are we to realize it when we dwell and we believe that the traditional way of doing it is the last viable recourse? What if that thinking is the wrong way of doing postcards?

In the past, postcards are used as an easy and brief way to communicate. Before, it was also considered as one of the affordable means of communication. Nonetheless, as the time evolves, postcards have developed a deeper mission that others have not yet realized.

The very reason why postcards may not be a big hit is that we overlook its purpose. It is mainly to inform and seize marketing potentials. It is not done primarily just to impress or entertain. Though, it can be taken as its secondary purpose. Why do we settle for a one-way benefit when we have the opportunity to double the impact?

How do they do postcards the wrong way?

1. Working on a cliché. It is high time to work on new strategies. Do not stick to the abhorred and distasteful taboos in postcard printing. They must be buried like a hatchet. Try to experiment, explore and work on fresh ideas. This will surely give an edge to your marketing tool.

Examples of these new ideas are by making your postcards a means to spread business news and by making your target market think by printing a mystery corporate image. Never be limited by fictitious limitations. Break the usual habit.

2. Retaining the conventional size, no matter what. Think out of the box. Nothing hinders you from changing the postcards size. Size must complement the design, text and color. If they appear too vague and blurry, increase the size!

3. Neglecting to request a reply. You can be sure that your communication is effective when it is understood. And one way to determine comprehension is through a reply. Ask for it. Some may not bother to do it if it was not requested thus, initiative on your part will be necessary.

4. Neglecting to make a contact. Communication is a two-way process. Both the receiver and the speaker or giver of information must be known and accessible. Thus, by simply putting your company name, address or contact number in postcards, you can yield responses from your potential customers.

5. Overlooking the target market’s needs. Grab the chance of tickling your target market’s fancies. You can incorporate discount coupons in your postcards. That way, it will not be used for exchange of greetings but for commercial purposes as well.