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If you are considering relocating or retiring in Belize you should be interested to know that it has become a shining star in the international media.

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If you are considering relocating or retiring in Belize you should be interested to know that it has become a shining star in the international media. Internationally acclaimed magazines and newspapers are consistently publishing articles on Belize and how truly wonderful this small tropical paradise is.

We decided to boil it down to five reasons to retire here. So here you go:

1. The obvious…the place is beautiful

Belize is a gleaming gem of the Caribbean which until recently has been give little attention. Its sun baked white sand beaches would make great scenery for any Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

How big is Belize? Its size is approximately 8,866 square miles, the mainland is approximately 180 miles long and up to 68 miles wide. Belize also consists of over 200 cayes (islands), ranging in size from a few hundred feet to 25 miles long and four miles wide; most of which are located inside the 200 mile Belize Reef.

Belize has hundreds of miles of undeveloped beaches which are perfect for fishing, diving, scuba diving, yachting and more. Belize also has ruins of the ancient Mayan civilizations with excellent tour services. There are also tropical mountain ranges which are perfect for hiking and birding activities.

2. Its relatively cheap

Belize’s government recently has enacted a retiree incentive program that permits U.S., Canadian and United Kingdom citizens to establish official residency in Belize and to live there free of most Belize taxes. Under the new program retirees can’t work in Belize, but income from outside Belize isn’t taxed, and retirees can bring in household goods, a car, a boat and even an airplane without paying import duties.

The overall cost of living is generally lower than the United States. The average Belizean makes less than 6000 USD a year.

3. Its relatively safe

Belize is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the British Commonwealth. The country has a tradition of democracy and free elections. Belize has a constitution, which includes a bill of rights.

Although no place in the world is completely safe the crime in Belize is relatively low in comparison to other Central American countries.

4. It’s a good long term investment

The country of Belize has no capital gains taxes and has a well established off-shore banking system similar to Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Full property insurance is available and is underwritten by Lords of London.

5. It’s easy to get to

Belize lies on the eastern coastline of Central America, bordered on the north by Mexico, on the west and south by Guatemala, and on the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is separated by sea from its neighbor to the southwest, Honduras.

The Belize International Airport is offering direct flights from major US cities. Direct flights are available from many major cities in the United States and more are being added. Belize international airport is currently expanding the runways so to accommodate direct flights from Europe. Right now major airlines including American, Continental and Taca (El Salvador) offer direct flights from major US cities including Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston.