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Do you want to learn how to make money writing articles? If so, you may turn to the internet to familiarize yourself with this amazing moneymaking opportunity. When you do, you will find a large number of tips. One of those tips is to choose a niche, but can you really believe what you read online? In terms of choosing an article writing niche, it has its pros and cons.

When you choose an article writing niche to focus on, you are essentially focusing on a limited number of points. For example, if you opt for a parenting niche, the articles that you write will focus on parenting. Articles produced could include tips for parenting teenagers, preparing children for kindergarten, and so forth. What is nice about creating a niche or specializing in a specific topic is that you get to choose that topic yourself. Most writers will choose topics they are passionate about.

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On that same note, you should also examine niches that are popular and in demand. You may find that these vary depending on the time of year. For example, spring and summer are both nice for wedding articles, whereas November is about the time people start reading Christmas themed articles online.

What is nice about sticking to a limited number of niches or topics is that overtime you can charge more for writing these articles. Why? Because the more articles you write and the more research you do on the subject, the more of an expert you become. If you are writing for others, as opposed to writing for yourself, you can increase your rates.

Although there are a number of pros to choosing an article writing niche, there are also a number of cons to doing so as well. If you write articles for money for someone else, a client of yours, they may require that you give them exclusive rights. This means that you cannot use the same articles again. This may come back to hurt you if you later want to start your own website or blog on the same subject. Yes, you can write new articles, but you may find it difficult to write a truly unique article when you have already written a hundred plus articles on the same subject.

Focusing on one article writing subject or niche may also limit you if you are interested in writing for others for pay. Not everyone is looking for articles on what you want to write about. That is why it is usually recommended that you pick at least two or three different subjects to focus on. To make writing articles easier, you may want to pick a subject that is in demand and one that interests you personally.

Staying with limiting yourself, you not only limit yourself in the number of projects you can apply to or accept, but you also limit your money making potential. If you are looking to write articles as a way to generate extra income, this may be acceptable. If you are looking to write articles as a way to make a living, this may cause you some difficulties.

So, what should you do? Should you choose an article writing niche to specialize in? In all honesty, it is your decision to make. When making that decision, you are urged to keep the above mentioned pros and cons in mind.


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