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Search engines play a very important and central role in the field of affiliate marketing. These are considered to be your ultimate weapons. Search engines are responsible for the introduction of your website to hundreds and thousands of people. Most of the traffic that is hitting your website mainly comes from the search engines. Popular search engines are Google, Yahoo etc.

When a person searches for any information, the search engine goes through all the indexed pages and presents the searcher with all the websites that match the written phrase. The pages that have high ranking come first. It is very obvious that visitor will click on the website that is coming at the top. It is very rare that someone will browse 5 or 10 pages of results and then visit the website listed there. So in order to maximize your web traffic your website must have a high ranking in the search engines.

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It is also noticed that most of the visitors search the top seven to eight search engines. The most important search engine is GOOGLE. Your website will be introduced to lots of users by these search engines. A search engine is a really big source to attract people and make a bring in traffic to your website. So in affiliate marketing you must learn how a search engine works.

Keyword’s Importance

Post tags have a great importance to carry traffic to your website. As we know, the majority of the users search their topics, through various search engines, using the Post tags. Select the Post tags for your website. Always try to select the Post tags that have less competition and are hot. After selecting the Post tags for your webpage try to get the higher page rank. If someone searches for your Post tags on the search engines, then your website should come in on the first page to get the maximum benefit.

How People Come to Your Website

Researches have proved that if a consumer wishes to search a website to get any kind of information or to purchase any product or service, he searches websites through either of the ways which are given below:

First method is the use of search engines. The most well known and used search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Someone can find the link of your website in an article, forum or another website. By hitting that link he may visit your website. Some others may find the link of your website in their email. There are many possible sources from which someone can find the link of your website.

It is however observed that 90% of your website visitors are coming from the search engines. Only 10% traffic is generated by other sources like emails, forums and various miscellaneous websites. This means that you should concentrate on your page rank in the search engines to receive the high traffic.

How Search Engine Works

Every search engine uses an algorithm to calculate the page rank of a website. No one knows the exact algorithm. But it is a known fact that the websites that have high website content related to their Post tags are ranked higher. Another important factor is the traffic coming from other high ranking website. For example if you have joined a forum which has high page rank, you should post your text there and at the end you can paste your website link. Now, whenever someone from that website clicks on your website, it will make your page rank higher. Another factor is how many websites have your websites link on their page. If such a website is greater in number and are highly ranked websites, then your ranking will also be increased. You can use the link exchange and banner exchange techniques to take this benefit.


About 90% of your web traffic is coming from the major search engines. So if you want to get more traffic and more sales in affiliate marketing then you should use different methods to increase your page rank in major search engines like GOOGLE, MSN and YAHOO.

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