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We all receive telemarketing calls but, there are times when it could be worth your while receiving them…

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There is a great misconception about telemarketing. Say that word and people conjure images of having their day interrupted by machine-like individuals only interested in making a sale. This image is why so many have refused to list their number or have even gone as far to put themselves on a ‘no-call’ sheet. Is this wrong?

Yes and no.

There are, of course, going to be times when you do not want to chat with a persistent telemarketer. Everyone has received that long call during dinner, after having to deal with hard hours at work. When you want to relax, listening to a sales pitch is not the idea that comes to mind. So, yes, you give an abrupt goodbye or just forgo that formality all-together and hang up.

But… is this right? Should you simply refuse to listen to a telemarketer? Many would give a resounding “Yes!”. That is too hasty an answer, however. Sometimes, you have to listen to what is being offered–it may just be something you need.

Telemarketing, as an idea, works. It is the execution that people object to. That does not change the fact, however, that products and services (that you may need) are being offered. Yes, talking on the phone can be a hassle and, yes, you are not going to always be up for it. This should not force you into a phone-seclusion, though. Telemarketing could be a way for you to discover products that you would have otherwise never known about it. You may find things that quickly rise to the position of ‘essential’ just from listening to a salesperson.

This does not mean that you have to answer the phone each time, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to listen to every pitch. But you
should not be so fast to condemn a service that you just might use.

So when do you take the call? That depends on your schedule: if you work all day, you may not be interested in talking at night. That is understandable. On the weekend, however, you may have more time to actually listen to what is being offered. You should not just dismiss the call if you have a few minutes to spare. People often make that mistake. They decide that no time is the right time, and never bother to pick up the phone. That goes against common sense–you know that there will be products you want. Not all the time, of course, but there will be some. How can you learn about them without having it presented? Oh, yes, you might stumble across it online, but that’s no guarantee. You should be willing to listen if you have time to
do so.

Telemarketing is not the horror people often paint it to be. It is simply a way of letting you in on the latest services and products. You may not always need–or even want–these but you should allow yourself the option of hearing about them. So, do not be too hasty to put yourself on the ‘no-call’ sheet. You may just be missing out on something worth your time.