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Relationship marketing can be a really powerful way to grow your business. The process requires time and patience but you can reap great rewards if you commit to relationship marketing.

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Relationship marketing can be a really powerful way to grow your business. And it’s a really great way to meet key business owners and leaders in your community by getting active in these organizations. But you won’t get to relationship marketing if you only pay your dues and show up once or twice.

Here are the first seven of the fourteen rules for successful relationship marketing:

Remember that there is no immediate payback. To get maximum benefit out of relationship marketing you need to be involved with a business and networking related organization. It takes time to build trust, credibility, and prove you are knowledgeable.

Don’t make them guess what it is that you do. Make sure that as soon as you join an organization you introduce yourself to the leadership. Start relationship marketing at the top. The message will trickle down.

Be friendly to the office staff. Make sure you never look down on them. These are the people who get the phone calls from other members, greet the walk in traffic, respond to emails, contact other members – the people you most want to impress are these guys.

Track your time and money invested. Keep tabs on the prospects and clients you have acquired from an organization. Relationship marketing takes time so you need to know if your investment is giving you a return.

Thou shalt attend and mingle regularly. This is not an option in relationship marketing. To make your most important contacts you need to get out to meetings and events and schmooze.

Volunteer. If you want to meet everyone or prove your expertise, volunteer for a position that will let you do just that. Relationship marketing is about trust and contact – volunteering accomplishes both goals.

Value the quality of relationships over quantity. Relationship marketing is not about collecting the most business cards. It’s about taking the time to establish genuine rapport over a few minutes and then connecting up with that person several times throughout the sales cycle.

The Bottom Line on Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is powerful but it requires time and patience. If you commit to the process though, your rewards will deep and plenty.

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