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Information on what a Reflexology course involves and how to choose a Reflexology Course

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Reflexology colleges provide courses and training in reflexology therapy, or foot zone therapy, which an ancient eastern practice founded on the basis that areas of the feet are comprised of reflex areas on the foot that in turn correspond to organs, glands, and systems of the body.
On a reflexology course a technique of massage on the reflex points on the feet is taught to help relieve stress, unblock energy blockages , and improve health. On a reflexology course reflexology students learn the sequence in which to apply pressure to reflex points. A student would learn on the reflexology course, what areas of the feet correspond to what part of the body
Stress on the body blocks vital energy flows, what a student on a reflexology course would do is press corresponding reflex points so that crystalline structures can be broken down. This in turn releases the blocked energy which in turn promotes improved health. Students on a reflexology course are taught that reflexology is not a “cure” for diseases, what they are taught is reflexology helps restore a natural balance in the body.
To find out if a reflexology courses is right for you, you should book a reflexology session with a qualified reflexologist, so that you can experience the reflexology before you decide if a reflexology course leading to a career in reflexology is for you. Reflexology courses vary in length and quality. Some reflexology courses do not provide training to a suffciently indepth level for serious reflexologist, while short courses would be ok for practicing on friends and family. The association of reflexologists list courses that are approved by them. There are also many differing awarding bodies that accredit reflexology courses. Again the association of reflexologist can provide more information about reflexology courses
So, if you are considering doing a Reflexology course, you could search on the internet for a reflexology course