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Having a blog, and not sure how to promote it? Blog means big business and good income, and you could start with very little budget in hand. Learn how you can be the next to profit from blogging as well.

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Before your start thinking how to promote your weblog and how much you going to spend on it. First think about what is your blog value, and what is the key content that attracts visitors. Is the topic of discussion hot?

Make your blog useful, and with good content that user are looking for. Once you got your blog setup and filled with good contents and photos or video clips. Its time to get serious into business, lets get some money out of it.

Get yourself a google adsense account, and paste some adsense ads into your blog. When user clicking on those ads you are making cash. And this is point number one.

Point number two, your website need to have alternative income likes amazon links, or commission junction products links etc. And these affiliate links can generate you some income as well. Make sure the product you promoting is relevant to your website.

And once your cash machine is setup, its time to promote it and get more visitor and convert them into cash. If your new web hosting is offering you ads credits like ixwebhosting is offering $50 dollars google adsense credits. You can make good use of it. Use the free credits and get hundreds of user to your website. And these user will convert into cash later on. Another good option is look for cheaper web hosting, and this will cut down your initial cost. For blog hosting, I highly recommend hostican hosting, and you can get a $50 hostican coupon at And your just save $50 dollars from your web hosting, plus $50 at marketing credits from google.

Use social bookmarking to promote your blog. If you having a good blog, and want to let others to know about it, you can sign up to few social bookmarketing site, and get people to vote your blog post. And the more vote you getting, the better ranking you are getting, the more people recommend it to others. And this means user bring other user to visit your blog. And it’s a free traffic. What you got to do is just build good content and a good blog.