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Effective production involves an attention to detail and a commitment to quality that is illustrated every step of the way, including the use of a final examination.

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Product Final Touch

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After your product is manufactured and assembled and you have had a small test group perform a review or beta test, you will need to take one final look at the result before putting it up for sale to the public.

Let’s be honest, by this stage in the process a great deal of the thrill has probably gone out of dealing with your item.

What was once an exciting new idea has probably become something of an ongoing annoyance. You want to get it done, get it on the market, and be paid. Despite these completely natural inclinations, a final examination and edit is in order.

You are intimately aware of every word, sound, and contour of your product at this point. That makes you the worst possible person to perform a final check. You will naturally be at least somewhat blind to problems and imperfections simply because of your closeness to the creation.

As such, this is a perfect time to enlist the help of an outsider before putting your product up for sale. You do have a variety of options. If you have a trustworthy friend who can evaluate the product carefully and who you know to be capable of discovering and pointing out flaws, that may be a perfect choice. If you don’t, or would just prefer the comfort of having an impartial final examiner, you may want to hire someone with the requisite expertise to do the job.

For instance, an ebook author might be able to find a professional writer or editor to perform a final review. One may already have contacts that can do the task, or one may find a helpful person via freelancing bid board. You want to find someone who will take the task seriously and who can provide some level of expertise and subject matter skill.

You could also use an acquaintance in the product’s niche to perform your final check. In order to be sure that the job is taken seriously, payment may be offered. Although this is not the time to apply wholesale changes to your product (unless a glaring problem had somehow escaped everyone’s attention), you will want to use the advice you get. After you solicit and receive that final input, you will need to translate it into action. Perform the necessary corrections or changes and you will suddenly have before you a product that is completely ready for the marketplace. At that point, you can marvel at it, shine it up, and start selling.

The long process of project creation doesn’t just involve having an idea and quickly writing a haphazard report on the subject before peddling it as quickly as possible.