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Internet Marketing – The great missing secret doesn’t exist

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I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to discuss Internet marketing. If you are new to the business then you may have already become overwhelmed by all of the hype and sales pitches. Maybe you have been searching for that one secret that will set you free from your job and put you on a career path of your own.

I have been a successful Internet marketer for two years now and I was once a lot like you. I spent thousands of dollars on ebooks and training manuals. I paid thousands more to take Internet coaching courses. I read every article, every blog, every book I could find on the subject. It’s funny that most people will buy a product that they think will be the answer to their prayers only to forget about it a month later and then start the cycle all over again buying more books, taking more courses and on and on.

I’m not pointing fingers because I did exactly the same thing over and over again. I can’ t tell you how much money I lost of “Get Rich Quick Scams”. Now, I’m not a stupid person. I desired to build my dreams just like everyone else. It wasn’t until I came to the realization that trying to do it all alone simply doesn’t work. Some of the greatest minds in human history did great things because they surrounded themselves with other great people. Take Henry Ford for example; Ford was an under-educated man who had nothing when he started out. But Ford surrounded himself with a group of people that he believed in. When Ford was building the first V-8 engine it took his engineers over a year to come up with a design that worked. He never gave up on his idea even when the engineers said it could not be done.

My point is that too many people think they will stumble on some great secret that only they will know and they will guard it with their lives. They will be the only ones who hold some special key and they alone will market this secret without giving away the actual secret. All this thinking leads to disappointment because there is no secret.

I built my company by believing in people as Henry Ford did. I don’t hold some great secret. I surrounded myself with like-minded people and together we built a wonderful Internet company helping people to get started in the Internet business. We believed from the beginning that we would succeed and two years later our company has become not just a source of income but also a source of pride.

Why would I try to hide some secret and then market it to you when I could show you how to be your own marketer and let you do your own thing. There is plenty to go around. We do not live in a closed society. Some of my best clients come from overseas ventures. If you stop thinking locally and focus globally your world will open up new frontiers for you.