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When making money writing articles, many writers first search for paying clients. These paying clients, who often need unique content for their websites, will describe in detail what they expect from the writer in question. After the project is completed, the writer is paid, usually within two weeks. As nice as this approach is, know that it isn’t your only option. You can write your own articles, then turn around, and sell them, but how?

One approach that many web content writers take involves creating a website or blog. This website or blog is where they will post their articles or a summary of those articles for all to see. Readers then have the opportunity to purchase the article or articles in question.

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Another approach taken involves visiting message boards that are devoted to internet marketing. This is where many website owners converge to discuss and learn about the latest internet marketing techniques. Since article writing is an important component of internet marketing, there is a potential for you to make money on these message boards. Look for message boards that have a marketplace area or section, where you can post your articles for sale.

In addition to online message boards that have a small marketplace section, there are websites that are devoted to it. These are websites where you can upload your articles and sell them. You have the ability to set your own asking price. This approach is nice, but the owners of the marketplace site in question will likely take a percentage of your sales.

You also have some freedom in how you want to sell your articles, in terms of format. If you are creating your own website or blog, you may want to closely examine PLR article packages. Many writers offer 10 articles for $10. While this may not sound like a great moneymaking opportunity, PLR articles can be sold more than once. The buyers often rewrite the articles to make them unique.

Whether you are selling your articles on your own website or blog or a third party website, you can sell for usage rights only. This is similar to selling your articles in PLR packages, but writers usually limit the number of articles they sell and they tend to ask for a slightly higher price. Some writers will request that the buyer keep their name as the author.

You also have the option of selling your articles with exclusive rights. This means that you cannot use the article again. Due to limited usage, you will want to get your money’s worth. Writers tend to charge more money for exclusive articles with exclusive rights. On average, these articles can start out at $10 and go up to $50 or more, depending on the subject and article length.

So, which approach should you take? Creating your own website or blog to sell your articles on is nice, as you have control and you can retain all profits. With that said, time and money must go into making your website successful. Choose an affordable web hosting plan, as paying too much can hinder your profits. As for the domain name, choose a catchy one, but one that explains what you are selling.

You must also market your website or blog. The good news is that this is relatively easy to do. Start with article directories. You can write articles on how to use articles for marketing, the benefits of hiring a professional writer, and so forth. Include a link to your website or blog where you have articles listed for sale, preferably on a wide range of topics.

Also, as stated above, internet marketing message boards may have an online marketplace. See if signatures are allowed as well. These allow you post a link, which will appear beneath each of your posts. Make a phrase clickable. Do not show the web address. Instead, create a catchy phrase, such as “quality articles for less.”


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