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Want to know how to pass a drug test? Don’t do drugs! If that solution doesn’t work for you, there are the other ways.

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Really, if you want to know how to pass a drug test, the simplest solution is to stop doing drugs. I have no moral argument here. They are just plants that scare people and lawmakers. As a practical matter, though, there are so many problems with doing illegal things that it is almost always best to just drop the drugs.

I don’t use illegal drugs myself, but I have researched the topic, and I’ve had friends who passed many drug tests despite regular drug use. I pass on the following hoping that you will use the information for justifiable purposes. In other words, if you are my taxi driver, I don’t care if you had a joint over the weekend, but if you are a school bus driver, please don’t toke up before driving.

If you want to at least stop using for a while, in order to pass a drug test, be sure you know what kind of test it is. A simple urine test can often be passed just by abstaining for a couple weeks. A hair test will detect use from months back, however, and it may look suspicious if you shave your head beforehand.

How To Pass A Drug Test – Most Of The Time

Fortunately for you, most drug tests are urine tests, because they are cheaper to do. These tests can be beaten in a number of ways, including the simple temporary abstinence mentioned above. That assumes that you have sufficient warning, of course.

Some people pass drug tests by using other people’s urine. It can be bought online, in liquid form or as crystals that need to be reconstituted. Alternately, users take a donation from a friend who doesn’t do drugs (I have been asked). To use it though, it must be body temperature. Testers check this.

One way this is accomplished is by strapping a condom full of the urine next to the inner thigh. This keeps it warm enough usually. If testers aren’t watching too closely, it is detached and slowly spilled into the cup and toilet to make the appropriate sounds.

I have known users who passed their drug tests by drinking a lot of water. It is only logical. The test is for a certain threshold amount of the drugs in your system. Dilute your urine, and you might fall below that threshold. Drink several quarts of water in the hours leading up to the test,and you just may pass.

Good testers will notice that your urine looks like water, but there is little they can say. Take several B-complex vitamins with the water, and this will usually make your urine more yellow. If they require a new test because they suspect your trick, at least you have time to clean up your act.

You can also buy substances said to mask the drugs in your system, although users tell me most of them don’t work. None of these tricks work all the time, especially if the test is a complete surprise. Why not consider just saving your money and skipping the drugs? Now that’s how to pass a drug test.