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Are you ready to take your niche marketing to the next level? David A. Bailey, Jr shares an interesting way to take your multiply you marketing profts exponentially by reaching different language communities with no effort on your part. Read this if you want to catch the next big wave in niches.

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If you have been in the niche marketing arena for any length of time and have a little experience under your belt…you are probably a very focused person and know exactly what you want and where you are going. You many even be looking around to catch the next new wave in online marketing before everyone else does. If so, than this may be just what you are looking for.

By now you have probably just about seen it all. You’ve signed up for everyone’s ‘how-to’ list and all the hottest affiliate programs. And you probably get bombarded with about ten emails a day for all the same affiliate programs you promote. But if you are like me than you want something new and fresh.

Hey! I know! I have been there…done that…and gotten out. It was easier just to change my email address than to try to unsubscribe from everyone’s list. Who knows, it may have even been from one of your lists. I apologize if it was because it wasn’t anything personal. My inbox just went into overload.

See, I live in a foreign country…meaning I don’t live in the U.S. And I would like to share what I think is a very interesting perspective on this whole Internet marketing thing. On top of that, I am going to share with you what I think some of the hottest waves in niche marketing are going to be. And no, it’s not ‘speed knitting’ for grannies!

Recently I built a small site to market my services to a non-English speaking community (literally). As I surfed across the web looking for JV partners, link exchanges, article directories, and all that other good stuff that we so freely take for granted, my little white socks got blown right off.

In the country I live (Brazil) almost no one does this kind of online marketing stuff that we take for granted. What a difference from when I ran my niche sites in English. Out of almost 500 sites I visited, I found maybe five ‘marketing sites’. I found no article directories even after a diligent search. And although I found a few sites with affiliate programs, I found no one who sold affiliate software in Portuguese.

The few sites I found that had an affiliate program had to buy their software in English and then have it translated.Talk about a market with no competition! The field is wide open and ripe for harvest.

And I really have no problem telling you about this, because I am in a very specific niche that isn’t related to Internet marketing at all. Actually, I hope that this article gets your brain to rolling and you come up with products for the Brazilian marketing community. I would probably be one of the first to buy your products.

Let me give you an illustration. I finally got around to putting up an article directory on my site. I took me three full days to get it all translated and set up the way I wanted. And I got to think how badly we need ‘real’ marketing products and services in Portuguese. Today’s whole Internet marketing niche community is geared solely to English speaking marketers.

Now just think about the possibility for a minute of promoting all those well-known affiliate programs you signed-up for to a foreign language community where 97% of the population does even know what an affiliate program is much less sign up for them to compete with you. It would really be rather simple. All you would have to do is set up a niche site and have it translated into the foreign language of your choice. Then set up an autoresponder with a series of emails promoting some great affiliate programs and have them translated as well.

Better yet if you speak already speak another language. You could start setting up some great niche sites in your language, as well as teach others to do what you are doing. Talk about ‘niching’ niche sites.

If this kind of idea interests you then you can take this to the next level. You could purchase resale rights to another marketer’s information and simply have it translated. The other day I saw a rather well-known marketer offering the translation rights to his material. I don’t know about you, but I think that is an amazing concept. Or you could just simply contact other marketers and set up JVs where you translate and market their products and split the profits.

It works both ways. Even if you don’t speak another language you could find someone who is willing to translate your stuff and market it for you. This could really take your marketing profits to whole new level. Imagine finding five, ten, or even fifty people willing to translate your site and products into another language for a share of profits. You wouldn’t have to do a thing, except exchange the money as it rolls into your Paypal account.

I am going to throw more freebie out as a bonus here. If you are interested in doing something in Brazil, I will be more than happy to help. I don’t have time to do the translation, but I can help you find people who could. Or if you already speak Portuguese and just need some tools, I will be glad to help you out however I can. I can send you a list of programs I use that are already translated into Portuguese by myself or others.

As I said before, I am involved in a very specific niche that I think is going to blow everything else out of the water over the next fifty years. But I don’t have time to write about it here, so I will have to save it for another article. Meantime if you have any questions you can contact me via the resource box below.

To your success…and mine. God bless. Peace!