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Learn how to catch a leprechaun!

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This is for anyone who wants to know how to catch a leprechaun!

So you want to catch a leprechaun?

Coming from the Emerlad Isle I will tell you a wee bit about the “little people” and the fastest way to catch a leprechaun. My advice will help you when you decide it’s time to catch a leprechaun just be sure you send me a little portion of his gold.

Well when you want the best way to catch a leprechaun in the begining you should realize that you need to learn a little about him.

In Irish legend there is no mention of women leprechauns however they must be there or how else would the little leprechauns be born?

All little people have a very special job and now you’ve decided to catch a leprechaun you should be aware what this job entails. A leprehaun’s first job is as a shoe maker. A leprechaun is said to make the best shoes in all the lands.

Leprechauns speak Gaelic to each other although they understand and can speak English. Some leprechauns left Ireland to live in America at the time of the Great Famine.

A leprechaun usually wears fine green clothes with some gold buckles. He has a distinctive beard. Though it may be a popular view, all leprechauns do not have ginger hair (although many do). They have either green or blue eyes just like the larger inhabitants of Ireland.

Leprechauns are fairy folk who love to cause mischief linking nothing more than creating caos for fun.

Leprechauns love a wee sip of the hard stuff – poteen! Poitín is brewed from potatoes (an Irish favourite) or barley and it ranges between 90 – 100% proof! So be sure you don’t take the offer of a drink from a leprechaun if you do catch a leprechaun or you’ll wake up with a sore head and no gold!

As leprecahuns love musical sounds and songs and partying the first thing to do is to lilt a small tune such as The Hills of Connemara which is a song about poitín. This will get the liitle people’s attention.

A leprechaun’s most improtant possesion is his crock of gold. A leprechaun’s crock of gold is usually hidden beneath rocks and it can be found at the end of a rainbow. A leprechaun is never far away from his crock of gold! So when you want to catch a leprechaun the end of a rainbow is the first place to look.

Now you are ready to catch a leprechaun! Once he ventures forth from his fairy ring you need to catch his eye. When you look in the eye of a leprechaun he is unable to move or escape. But never remove your gaze as he will run off having the speed of a rabbit.

Once you’ve captured him keep a tight hold of and demand that he inform you were he has hidden his crock of gold. Now you know the way to catch a leprechaun the only thing that remains is to venture into the country side and find one.