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Starting a web hosting company is very difficult, and requires lots of technical skill and management skill.

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With proper web hosting reseller plan, you will only require just a little knowledge in maintaining user accounts, and focus on marketing work to sell more hosting account and generate good revenue from it.

When talk about reseller hosting, we always consider the profit margin. Its always the biggest concern, and we always asked ourselves how much should we earn to have good income. Frankly speaking, having 10 customers will not give you good income. This is real world business and I really mean serious business.

Aim for 10 sign up on the first week running your web hosting reselling. And aim to hit the 100 accounts in less than two months time. You can create multiple hosting package to choose from, at least two package. And allow customer to upgrade their account if they want to. And you can earn more this way.

To promote your hosting plan, you can setup a nice website and offering user to sign up online and paid through credit cards. Don’t worry about billing gateway thing, hostgator provides the reseller account with billing software included as well. And you can receive payment directly and the account will automatically setup after they sign up. Its simple, and require very little efforts. This is one of the best reseller hosting I ever come across, and more details found here about hostgator reseller plan.

Alternative marketing strategy is to invite friends or business partner to use your hosting plan, offering web design services and hosting services, join web hosting forums and promote your hosting plan, put advertisement through google adwords or other PPC network. And there is lots more marketing strategy that you can think of.

When your hosting company is new, focus on generate revenue. The more revenue you got, the faster you can grow. Once you are ready, upgrade your reseller plan and you can sell even more.