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Blogs have become a very respectable way to make some money online. Discover the website which allows you to create an almost unlimited number of blogs to be used as your own personal web promotion engine. Combined with some common posting tools, this site will let you build your own massive media empire.

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Before we begin I will warn you that Blog Farm Pro is not for the feint of heart. You will need to be a fairly experienced web user to realise the full potential of this set of tools. In particular you will need to be familiar with the Web Host Manager/Cpanel software. Having said that, there are very useful screen capture videos detailing every major process so if you can learn, you can use BFP.

On to the review … rarely does a piece of software come along which gets my juices flowing like this fantastic offering from a couple of guys who’ve managed to create what is possibly the most powerful set of tools you could find online to help you profit from blogging.

In case you haven’t heard, blogging is all the rage. There are even recognized blog awards putting this modern age phenomenon firmly on the map as something which allows almost anyone the chance to express their opinion and strike up a dialogue with those of a like mind. Very simply, a blog is an online diary with the option of allowing the readers to comment on the entries posted by the blog owner. A blog is a great ‘community builder’.

Partly because of the social aspects involved, search engines absolutely love blogs and using them as a way to make money with programs like Google Adsense can be very profitable. Using the free blog software known as WordPress it is very easy to set yourself up with a blog, begin posting content and hopefully begin profiting from clicks on your Adsense.

Once you begin down this route you soon begin to realize that three or four blogs are simply not enough if you want to make good money with contextual advertising programs such as Adsense. This is where it comes down to numbers pure and simple. To make real money using this method you need to dramatically scale up the number of blogs you own.

An initial target would be seven hundred to one thousand WordPress blogs. With this in mind, once you see how long it takes to setup one blog (even though the install process is very simple) you will realize that it could take you a very long time to set up enough blogs to begin making good money. When we are talking these kinds of numbers the system is referred to as a blog farm. Using blog farms there are some very tidy incomes being earned online but it does take work.

For this reason, I was very excited when my friend introduced me to Blog Farm Pro. For a minimal investment you gain access to an exclusive membership site providing you with a comprehensive set of tools which enables you to build anywhere from ten to as many as three hundred blogs or more in one day. I haven’t tried to calculate the amount of time this site has saved me but I know we are talking days not hours.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main tools available to the Blog Farm Pro user.

Blog farm tools

* Blog Farm Creator
* Blog Farm Subdomain Creator
* Spider/Poster 1&2
* Pinger

Site building tools

* Domain Hosting Creator
* Subdomain Creator
* Content Manipulator
* Web Site Builder

Control tools

* Simple Cron Editor
* Advanced Cron Editor

Misc tools

* Article Regenerator – Single
* Quick Blog Creator
* Quick Database Creator
* Quick Cron Creator
* Quick Pinger
* List Shuffler

Everything has been specifically designed to run on Cpanel servers. If you are using any other kind of server software then Blog Farm Pro will be no good to you.

The blog farm tools are the core of the system. Here you can create multiple pre configured WordPress installations using randomly selected themes with custom plugins all of your choosing. Blogs can be created on top level domains or sub domains.

Blog Farm Pro sequentially works through your list of blogs to be created. It actually logs into your web host manager, creates the domain (or sub domain), database and WordPress installation all in one go … awesome! Once your blogs are created you can give the spider a list of web sites whereupon it will go off and spider those sites posting the content (with a link back) to your specified selection of blogs at a schedule determined by you. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The site building tools are also very useful. Here you can create multiple Cpanel domain hosting accounts and any number of sub domains. These tools dramatically increase the speed at which you can create your hosting accounts. If you have ever tried to sit down and create a thousand sub domains you will appreciate how useful these tools actually are.

With the content manipulator, site builder and FTP upload facility, Blog Farm Pro brings weblog/site-building on a massive scale easily within the reach of every web marketer.

The control tools allow you to set your schedules for spider posting and here you can also select the ping schedule. The pinger allows you to specify any number of blogs and ping them from a regularly updated rotating proxy IP list at a schedule you determine (phew!). Again, the seasoned Adsense blogger will absolutely love this feature.

The miscellaneous tools provide you with an article regenerator, single blog, database and cron creators a quick pinger and a list shuffler which are all very handy items to have in your toolbox. The owners of Blog Farm Pro are very responsive and you will always get an answer to any questions you may have on the forums.

I have used Blog Farm Pro enough to know that this is something I really cannot do without. If you want to build massive blog farms in a very short space of time then Blog Farm Pro is definitely worthy of further investigation. The amount of time this package saves you is enough to give you that competitive edge which you need to succeed in the Adsense blogging game.

Just imagine … you could easily build a thousand blogs in a week – hell you could build three thousand! Now if each one of those blogs only earns you one dollar per month then you would be making one thousand to three thousand dollars a month. Now we’re talking!

The idea behind Blog Farm Pro was actually not to create monetised blogs but to use your blog farms as a means of getting your money sites indexed in the engines. The theory goes: build your blog farms, build your sites, post your sites to your blog farms and watch the indexing happen. This works too and whichever way you decide to use BFP I’m sure you’ll quickly come to realise that here’s a set of tools you really need … like, yesterday!