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Outbidding somebody is one thing, sniping is something altogether different.

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Sniping always occurs when a bid is about to end.
Sniping is against the rules at eBay, but in most cases, even if you report it, the sniper will get away with it. In order to avoid losing the items you want to snipers at eBay, you have to take on the sniper way of thinking. You also need to snipe in a way that will not violate eBay’s rules.

Snipping can be done in one of two ways. The first way is the safest, but not necessarily the easiest.
Simply keep up with the item you are bidding on.
And make certain that you are in front of your computer and logged into the auction well before that exact time. The idea is to either bid higher than the highest bid during the last few seconds – which is what snipers do – or to just make sure that you are not outbid by a sniper.

Keep in mind that sniping is against the rules, so you should log in about thirty or forty five minutes before the bidding ends, and get your bid up until it is the highest bid. If you’ve been logged in for a while, this cannot be considered sniping.

Unfortunately it is very hard to bid against people who use bidding software. So here is the second method.

Snipping services are easy to find online, and they are fairly cheap. You can also buy your own snipping software. If you want to become a sniper, purchasing your own software is usually the best way to go if you bid on a lot of items.

But remember that it is against the rules, and while eBay hardly ever enforces this rule, you will be running the risk of getting banned from eBay.

Outbidding somebody is one thing, sniping is something altogether different.