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Article marketing is best achieved by following certain “tried and true” practices. Matt shares with you some of the secrets of his success and invites you to get started on your next writing project today!

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As a prolific article writer I have been asked by some how I am able to generate so many quality articles in such a short period of time. Frankly, it isn’t always easy, but there are some things I would like to share with you in order that you may, perhaps, increase your production as I have. Increased production for you means additional and regular submissions resulting in greater exposure of your name on the world wide web. All of this should translate into more money for you, the chief reason for article marketing I might add.

In a seven month period this past year, I wrote over 400 articles that were submitted to various article directories on the internet. In addition, I wrote another 1100 articles for clients that were then delivered to them to publish on their own sites. These web content articles were all short, concise, and generally averaged below 250 words for each article. Most of my regular articles are typically 500 words in length with the rare article or two approaching 1500 words. Still, this achievement was no small feat for me, especially when the subject matter brought me into unfamiliar territory.

After much trial and error I have learned that the best way for me to keep my production high — while at the same time delivering useful and interesting content — meant that I had to streamline my operation. The following are some “tried and true” practices that I have put to the test and you can too.

Stick With What You Know — I don’t mind writing on subjects that I have little knowledge about, but in doing so I can get bogged down by excess research time. If I am writing for a client, I charge accordingly once they are aware that I am writing in an area that is outside of my particular areas of expertise and they are still desiring to utilize my services. As far as submitting articles to the online directories, I purely keep my subject matter limited to a handful of areas where I shine.

Start, Then Stop — There are times when I am in the midst of writing an article that I find myself unable to complete my undertaking due to a lack of information. If I cannot garner what I need right away, I put the unfinished article to the side until I obtain the information needed to complete the job. Let’s just say that I have a regular supply of “go-to” articles that I plan on finishing at a later time. I don’t get hung up on any one article, instead I move on and focus on the next. Overall, my production level stays high as I don’t let one article hamper my work flow.

Outlines, Everywhere — Well, not exactly. Still, there are times when I am in between projects, but still in the writing mood [which for me is almost always!] Therefore, what I do to stay busy is to craft a list of article subjects or titles and then work on writing an outline or two or three…you get the picture! Some of these outlines have come in handy when a client requests a specific topic. I simply pull out the outline, expand on each of the points I already have listed, and I flesh out my article. Quickly and almost effortlessly a draft version is ready and sent out for my client’s review. At times I use the same technique for submitting work to the various article directories.

Be Consistent — If you aren’t writing on a regular basis, getting started again can become much harder to do than if you were to write on a consistent basis. In the days before electronic fuel injection was standard equipment [guess which topic I write on chiefly?], a cold car could take long to warm up. Much like those particular automobiles of yesteryear you need a constant stream of fuel [articles] going to stay warm. The hotter you are, the more you will produce.

In all, article writing is an enjoyable task for some while it is laborious for others. As you write, do not overly concern yourself with style, grammar, punctuation, and verbiage as these are things you can massage once your draft is done. Break free of the article writing rut and get yourself into a working rhythm today. If you do, you will become a recognized and respected author in no time.