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Merchants and publishers of Affiliated can now have free video ads which drastically increase the response and retention of viewers.

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FREE PLR article body:, an Ad Network focused on ‘Web 2.0’ technologies, is announcing the initial launch of its first video ads combined with animations. Their unique approach has broken records and drastically increased CTR% and Conversion rates online. They have ‘broken free’ from embedded video, and create customized videos for advertisers and major brands. The approach is likened to many TV Networks, which they have termed “Peeker Ads”. The advertisements ‘peek’ or animate onto webpages much like you see on major TV Networks now. The new approach online is unobtrusive and visitors seem to enjoy watching these video ads to learn more without having to leave the page or open a new window.

“This approach is interesting as it has increased eCPM drastically when compared to any other form of creative,” says Ricky Ahjua, Director of Online Marketing at “The advertisers love it because it is customized video produced for their product or service. Video right now is very hot and publishers are ‘cashing in’ as well because of the new found space these peeker ads present. These give publishers the ability to instantly plug into true targeted video advertisements that are generating click through rate percentages 20% and higher. It is a new frontier of online advertising.” seems to have perfected the process, utilization and monetization of video advertisements and brings videos quickly and efficiently to any campaign to increase and enhance online campaigns. They are definitely on the front edge of the wave; large advertisers such as and are both looking into like technologies.

Merchants and Publishers get these videos peeker advertisements absolutely free when they partner with the Affiliated, letting Affiliated shoulder the cost of production while increasing ROI and conversion rates for merchants, in most cases for a revenue share partnership.

“Publishers are often constrained by limited tools and services provided to them by their networks” says Chris Kautz, Director of Business Development at “Affiliated’s videos are provided with customizable players and peeker ads to blend in with sites and give a variety of options as to a video’s look and feel.” They have complete control over how many times these videos are played for a viewer, delay time, positioning and so on. These are merely the first options available, after the initial run of these videos; more options will be gradually added for the publishers benefit. is constantly working to improve its offerings and provide more options for its partners.”

About has taken the next leap in Affiliate Marketing and produced the highest responding vehicle on the internet today – Video!
We have opened the world of online video advertising to Publishers & Advertisers with the launch of a Web 2.0 Ad Network. To learn more about visit