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Learn how to seduce the search engines so they fall in love with your affiliate site. Know how to predict what people will be searching for and provide the search engines the information they need exactly when they need it. Free download of Affiliate Masters Course and key word search software.

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Here is an idea that will put you miles ahead of your competition and put cash in your pocket fast!

Promoting affiliate programs is a breeze if you know how to get the search engines to send you tons of qualified prospects. The Affiliate Masters course by Ken Evoy shows you how to get the search engines attention and keep it there.

The Affiliate Masters course by Ken Evoy is the most comprehensive course on the subject and it’s available for free at:

Ken says that the key to getting the search engines’ attention is to provide good quality information presented in a keword optimized context. Now, how do you define good quality information and
where do you find it?

The search engines’ job, the way they see it, is to provide exactly the right information a person is looking for, the first time. The quicker they can provide the needed information, the more satisfied
their clients will be. If you can provide that content on your web-page the search engines will send you droves of qualified, willing to buy traffic.

So how do you know what people are looking for before they start their research on the search engines? Here’s how:

1. Start by doing a quick survey at your local magazine store. Yes, you’ll have to get out of that comfortable chair in front of the computer…
Find several magazines on the subject of the affiliate program you want to promote.

2. Look at the headlines on the cover.

3. Look at the headlines of the in-depth articles.

4. Look at the headlines of important stories that talk about future developments.

5. Write down all the headlines. Break out the key words and 2-3 word key-word groups and put them into three categories: words taken from the cover, major stories and other interesting stories in the magazines you reviewed.

These are the hottest key words in order of priority. Because the major publications are talking about it, people will naturally investigate further on these topics. These Post tags will be on top of their mind because they have just read / heard about them.

When you build your web-pages based on the hottest key-words, the search engines will flock to your site. They will bring you the highly targeted visitors that will be the foundation of your business.

6. After building the key-word list, come back home and download the free SearchIt software. Ken Evoy has provided this tool to help people do their research. It allows you to do over 100 key searches to help people set up their Internet business:

7. When you open up your SearchIt software you will find four blanks. In the first blank choose “reference library for content”. The second blank gives you 15 different sources for good, reliable content. Enter the key word in the third box. Leave the fourth one empty.

By going through all 15 search resources in SearchIt for each of the key-words, you will have an abundance of good quality, sexy content the search engines will love and your clients will appreciate.

This is the way to work your competition into the ground. This is how you can make sure your business succeeds. Offer good quality iformation to people who are looking for it. This is the ultimate win-win-win system. Work with the search engines and feed them what they want and you will grow and prosper.