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Why was it that many owners of one-page websites in the Google Adsense Program were earning good profits every month? It was discovered that they employ a common technique called Adwords-Adsense Arbitrage in their one-page mini website. By leveraging on low bid Post tags on their one-page website, it was possible to drive traffic to their one-page website, get clicks on their high paying adsense ads and make the difference between their adwords and their adsense campaigns.

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I have often been asked this question by adsense publishers : Why is it some internet marketers can make $1000+ from one website …even a one-page website…while may others can only earn peanuts from their websites? After all, they are all participating in the same adsense publishing program!

I used to ask this same question too, as I was researching into the profitable models to earn adsense income, and wanted to get to the bottom of this matter.

In my research, I found two startling discoveries:

1. Those earning more than 4 figures were either running sites based on autogenerated sites with a concept of “build, build and build”, or a pure content site infused with unique articles, or a mini site of one-page based on an article that can be reprint rights article or a private label right article emphasising on a high pay keyword.

2. From the above 3 adsense models, the majority of those claiming to earn in excess of $500 per website per month belonged to the one-page mini web site category.

In other words, the majority of those claiming to earn in excess of $500 per month per website from adsense were running just a simple one-page website!

Now, what was the secret of their amazing earning capacity for a one-page website, as compared to a web site of pure content with hundreds of pages that have been indexed by the major search engines? What factor allows the one-page website to earn in excess of $500 per month in adsense income?

While there were many factors that can lead to this nature of success of the one-page mini site, I discovered that there was one COMMON FACTOR that stood out.

All the owners of the one-page mini sites claim to run PPC (pay per click ) campaigns to drive traffic to their one-page mini sites at low cost and to earn the difference between their cost of the PPC campaign and the adsense income derived from clicks from the traffic.

In other words, they arbitrage between an adwords campaign and an adsense campaign, making the difference in between.

Here is how it works in simple terms:

They create a one-page website using a reprint right article that they can get from an article depository eg., or they write their own unique article based on a keyword or they use a private label right article.

They find a host of related Post tags at low bids and run an adwords campaign on those Post tags and get traffic to go to their one page website. If the PPC traffic were to click on a high paying advertisement on their one-page website, they will be able to secure a profit which is the difference between the cost of the adword campaign and the payout from the adsense click over a period of time.

By leveraging on this difference, it was possible for them to drop any campaign that was clearly losing money for them, keeping those that break-even and letting those that turn out to be big winners to continue their run.

It was the big winners that ran up massive profits for them and increase their adsense income manifold.

So if you are an adsense publisher, you may wish to explore this adsense-adwords arbitrage technique to turbo boost your adsense income.

One word of advice though – research your technique well and know that PPC campaigns can chalk up pretty fast in terms of cost and if the campaign is not working for you, drop it fast. Get familar with the techniques of arbitraging and seek out knowledge and skills before you start your campaign. Then you will find good success!